Lavish Occasions loves Preston Bailey!

What a great day! Teaching Wedding Planning and Event Coordination has been not only an honor but a pleasure. For just under four years I have been teaching these courses at Wagner College and have reinforced my own knowledge, networked with fine students, empowered young women (and men) to go after their dream and have seen them aim for greatness and succeed! It has truly been a gratifying experience! So much has been an opportunity in my own journey and today was another wonderful ‘event’ in my ever-evolving career. When The Wedding Planning Institute launched their partnership with the fabulous Preston Bailey, I was thrilled. When I navigated through his course, I sat inspired by every word, image and idea. I literally pictured how I would discuss each aspect of his business in my classroom. I had a small glimmer of hope that I would be able to bring my students to his office and though he is such a busy and celebrated person, my dream came true today and with a down-to-earth, informative and patient event designer. His staff prepared a beautiful statement piece for us that was imaged as a huge design board with florals stating “Welcome Wagner College”. He sat down with us in his personal office and asked my students, my photographer Natalie Licini, and myself questions about ourselves and he talked about the beginning of his career, gave raw and honest advice and all at the same time with a gentle smile. His answers were clear and concise with such honesty and care. In a world where today so much “wedding fluff’ can be found, it was so refreshing to have open and honest dialog with a superstar. To call him a savant, underestimates the word and to call him warm will not do justice. So we love Preston Bailey, can ya tell? Stay tuned for images taken from our visit and looking forward to much more blogging!

Happy Planning!