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Jeana and Jarred LoCasto • 11-1-14

"Booking lavish occasions for our wedding was the best decision we ever made! We used them for the day of coordination and they were on point from morning to night. We did not have to worry about a thing, Marissa, Maureen and the lavish occasions team were by our side every step of the way. My dress had ripped from dancing to much and Maureen sewed it in seconds! They were caring, professional and treated our wedding as their own! I highly recommend the lavish occasions team and thank them for making our wedding day turn out to be everything we dreamed of! Thank you!"


Marlo and Joe Percora • 10-25-14

"I cannot say enough amazing things about Marissa and her team. I am an incredibly type-A person, with binders and tabs for everything in my life, so you can imagine how I was with my wedding, and when I was in the market for a day of coordinator I knew I needed someone as detail oriented as me. Marissa met and exceeded that mark. We hired her on the spot, after she showed us the level of care, planning and precision she puts into each client. And she was so so much more than a day of coordinator for me. Our wedding had an incredible amount of drama, from programs and rehearsal invites being lost and never getting to us, to relatives who made it their mission to stress me to the breaking point, and Marissa was there every step of the way. Even the week of when I just needed to call and vent for 30 minutes, she was there."

"I had an exhaustive list of things I wanted her and her team to make sure was taken care of on the day of, from lining the pathway to the venue with candles, to escorting guests to the venue itself with signs, to making sure the curtains at the venue itself were tied properly. She and her team delivered on all counts. And when I was beyond stressed at some of the antics that occurred on the day, and when my family and the groom's family decided to come to me at multiple points complaining about one thing or another, she and her team swooped in and isolated me from the crazy as best they could. In addition, Marissa had a team member with my husband the whole time too, making sure he and the guys were doing OK (I am sure the much less stressful group!). Hiring Marissa was absolutely one of the best decisions, maybe the best decision, I made for my wedding. She is on top of everything, insanely responsive, organized, no-nonsense, and exactly what every bride needs in her life. I could not recommend her more. She was incredible in all respects."


Lisa and Thomas Prugno • 10-12-14

My husband and I never thought to use a wedding planner. We are both very organized and detail oriented. We were introduced to Marissa at a Bridal showcase that was held at our wedding venue. Lavish Occasions is a preferred professional so we decided to check them out because we have great trust the venue owners. We ended up hiring Marissa and her team to be our day-of wedding coordinators. IT WAS THE BEST DECISION THAT WE MADE!! From the first meeting I knew that Marissa was truly committed to making our day special. Marissa is very professional, friendly and very, very knowledgeable. She helped us with many steps along the way. Save the Dates, Invitations, favors, wedding programs etc. She was always there to answer any and all of our questions."

"I tend to get stressed out because I can be controlling but it was very easy to trust Marissa. Words can’t express how happy and grateful I am that we had Marissa and her team. They were with me and my husband from the start of our day and even attended our rehearsal. I especially loved that Marissa created little scrolls for our bridal party detailing the wedding day’s activities and times. Marissa’s team came to the salon to make sure things moved along, picked up the breakfast for our bridal party, coordinated all the vendors and kept them on track throughout the day and everything in between. I can honestly say that we did not stress out one bit. I highly recommend Lavish Occasions for your big event!!"


Victoria and Steven Gagolewski • 6-28-14

I hired Marissa and her team to help plan my wedding day based on a recommendation from my florist June from Petals on Page. After my very first conversation with Marissa I knew she would be so helpful in my planning process. It was evident to me that on the day of my wedding I would be able to sit back and enjoy. The more I met with Marissa to discuss details the more I literally fell in love with her. She is so extremely good at what she does that she actully flawed me several times. She will take care of things you didn't even know existed in wedding planning let alone needed to be taken care of! I remember coming home from my first two meetings with Marissa and gushing to my hubby about how incredible she was and how helpful she has been. My husband, knowing the organized and almost OCDish behavior that runs through my blood, was a bit skeptical in hiring Marissa. He saw how well I planned and prepared and didn't understand why I needed to spend money to have another person help me. He just didn't get it. But let me tell you, when my wedding day came and my husband was assigned an amazing young woman from Marissa's team to do anything and everything necessary to assure he enjoyed his wedding day without having to lift a finger - he was the first one to rave about Marissa and her team. My husband truly couldn't say enough about how top notch Marissa and her girls were. They were there for the both of us every step of the night assuring we were taken care of. One of the girls even held on to my lip gloss and approached me to reapply every so often!!!! When you are having such a big event that you plan two years for, you want to stop planning, stop checking every detail, and stop obsessing on the day of the event. You want to just sit back and enjoy everything come together. Marissa and her team made this possible for my husband and I and we couldn't be more thankful. Now If you ask my husband about Marissa he will tell you that it was the best money spent and he will hire her for every big event we plan in the future! Thank you Lavish Occasions!"


Alexis and Anthony Barba • 6-14-14

"My cousin, who got married a couple of years before I did, highly recommended hiring Marissa and her team for my wedding day. My fiancé and I met with her for a consultation and we immediately connected. It was as if we had known each other forever, the conversation just flowed. Needless, to say we made sure we booked her before we walked out the door. When you decide to work with Marissa, you can have unlimited meetings to discuss plans and possibilities for your Big Day. I found it more convenient to e-mail or text but it was nice to know we could site face to face if I needed to. Marissa never made us feel as though she was negatively judging our vision of our wedding day. This was a breath of fresh air because once you start planning a wedding you hear a lot of what you should or shouldn’t be doing which quickly becomes exhausting. The days leading up to the wedding Marissa contacted all of the vendors and confirmed their responsibilities and times. At the rehearsal, Marissa paid close attention to details and made subtle suggestions that were truly appreciated. My bridesmaids each had a timeline of events for the wedding day which were hand made by Marissa. On the wedding day, I was a bundle of nerves until Marissa met me at the hair salon. Her calm and cool presence immediately put me at ease and I knew I was in good hands. Marissa and her team moved things along while we finished getting ready at the house. They were truly a part of our family that day and will always be thought of with loving thoughts and memories. We highly recommend Lavish Occasions to help plan your wedding, you won’t be disappointed."


Christine and Brian Swords • 5-24-14

"I hired a team of coordinators from Lavish Occasions for my wedding in May 2014. I was impressed with their professionalism, passion, and ability to create the perfect wedding. My husband and I were able I enjoy ourselves all night with absolutely no stress. HIGHLY recommended!"


Laura and John Tully • 6-22-13

"I hired Marissa from Lavish Occasions as our Day of Coordinator for my wedding in June 2013. To say she went above and beyond as our Planner is an understatement. From our first meeting, Marissa made me feel comfortable and relaxed when making decisions! She was always calm and collected, but understood what was important to me. On the day of our wedding, Marissa and her team made everything a smooth and seamless process. My image of how I wanted the day to feel and look what brought to life. Every detail was perfect from the menu to the welcome bags, I couldn't have asked for a better support and dedicated planner than Marissa!"


Jaclyn and Anthony Gentile • 12-19-09

"Marissa Mortimer and Lavish Occasions were an integral part of our wedding day. I would recommend their services to everyone! Marissa was our "Day of Coordinator" and helped with every detail on that day. Our meetings leading up to the wedding were very detail oriented and helped to ensure that everything went according to plan. If it weren't for Marissa the unforeseen stresses (a blizzard!!) that occurred on the day of our wedding would've been handled by us. Instead she took care of all the issues that came along with the day, allowing us to sit back and enjoy every minute of our wedding. I would recommend Lavish Occasions to any bride getting married!"


Lynn and Dave Bachstetter • 10-3-09

"Marissa, thank you for making our wedding day absolutely perfect! You took the time to give everything the same amount of attention, no matter how small it was and it was a comfort knowing you were there for us. Once the day arrived, my husband and I had nothing to worry about from the beginning to the end of the night. We got to enjoy every moment as it happened and I can honestly say that I enjoyed MY own wedding. It was the most memorable day of our lives. We are really so grateful that we had the chance to work with Lavish Occasions and our experience with you was a wonderful one."


Donna and Todd Tabacco • 9-27-08

"My husband and I felt that having Lavish Occasions involved in our wedding planning was one of the best decisions we could have made. For us, who wanted to be actively involved in the planning process, Marissa was wonderful in her ability to lead us in the right direction by educating us on what to do. Her expertise and creativity were integral to our decision making. She always offered her honest opinion and truly made us feel that the success of our wedding day was as important as if it were her own. Her attention to detail, prompt responses to any of our questions, and overall professionalism in communicating and negotiating with our vendors allowed us to enjoy the planning experience and not worry about the details. The organization of Marissa and her staff and their ability to keep our wedding on schedule made for a stress free day. They were wonderful in addressing not only our needs, but those of our bridal party and family members as well. We had always wished for a perfect wedding, and thanks to Lavish Occasions we did. Thank you Marissa for all you did for us! We will never forget it."


Margo and Matthew Carr • 6-2-07

"Marissa met with me twice prior to the wedding (once even though she was sick) and was available for advice either through email or phone at any time during the planning process. She was very affordable and really and truly exceeded all of my expectations without a doubt! She went above and beyond to make sure every little detail (I’m very detail oriented and had many lists and pictures) was carried out. She gave me well thought out advice and comforted me whenever I had any problems or concerns. She is very organized, very knowledgeable, respectful, accommodating, professional, etc. I can’t think of enough words to express my appreciation for all that she did – she even helped my father with his tie, placed fashion tape on me so my dress would stay in place, went out of her way to find bobby pins for my bridesmaids, Aleve for my husband, lined up family members for pictures, took care of any little wish any of us had at any time throughout the day, made sure we ate, and made sure we had enough to drink! She is a very sweet person who really cares about making sure everything runs smoothly. I would recommend her to anyone and is definitely someone to not over look for your wedding day!"


Erica and Chad Solfaro • 5-5-07

My experience with Marissa Mortimer was more than I ever expected....She handled every detail of my wedding with the utmost professionalism and she went above and beyond what I hired her to do. She put her whole heart into my wedding and played many roles during the process...planner, organizer, advisor, negotiator, confidant, time keeper, schedule provider, people coordinator....the list really goes on. On top of all that she did in organizing my affair, she also literally saved my wedding when the priest never showed up and she found an officiant to perform the wedding last minute...yes....she is THAT GOOD! She had to coordinate a bridal party of 24 rowdy friends, family members, and my own obsessive compulsive tendencies...and Marissa not only handled the above, she did it in the most professional manner....looking back, I do not even know how anyone could have done half the job she did... with every detail taken care of. Based on my experience with being Marissa's client, it is obvious that she knows EVERYTHING there is to know about the wedding planning process. As far as recommending her to friends and family....I already have....She is the only one I would recommend for planning any affair. She is diligent and has the outstanding ability to trouble shoot, multitask, and prioritize...which are qualities that are much needed in the wedding planning process. I had the most unbelievable wedding day ever....it was the best day of my life...and that would not have been if it was not for Marissa. Any bride as well as any student would be privileged to work with Marissa...she is a remarkable asset to her profession."


Alicia Vitarelli and Matthew Pantaleno • 4-29-07

"Marissa is an amazing wedding planner and my big day would not have been the incredible success it was without her genius and help. Marissa is not only full of fresh, innovative and surprising ideas, but her positive attitude and calm demeanor have saved the day for even the most stressed of brides. I had ideas about what I wanted to execute for the big day, and Marissa helped me create a budget and work with vendors to make it all possible."

"Marissa is absolutely dependable, beyond professional and has really raised the bar in the business. I have already recommended her to friends, family and co-workers. I truly believe any bride who takes on the planning herself is at a disadvantage. Marissa is full of information and resources, always ahead of the trend, incredibly organized and exceptionally prepared. I absolutely recommend her to anyone planning a wedding."


Alessandra and Christian • 12-2-06

"A brief summary of my wedding, I had 300 guests, a bridal party of 18 adults and six children, and 20 family members that had come in from Italy."

"From our first meeting with Marissa I knew I made the right choice, not only were my concerns put at ease, but all the other things involved in planning a wedding that I would have worried about or had to handle the day of the wedding were going to be taken care of. Marissa was always available to me, whether by phone or through e-mail if I had any questions or concerns. She periodically checked in on me. As the wedding got closer, our meetings or phone conversations were more frequent. When we would meet with Marissa, I was always amazed at how organized and prepared she was, obviously this was my first wedding so I did not know what to expect, but Marissa covered all aspects of the day, from the night before to the very end of the wedding, she covered every detail. I would have to say that Marissa is very dependable, she returned every phone call, was punctual, and did everything that was asked. My family and bridal party absolutely loved her. I remember that my two flower girls were scratching their bellies and complaining when we arrived to the reception, she came to find out the fabric around the waistline in the dress was irritating both girls skin. She then used safety pins to fasten tissues to the inside of the dress; the girls were fine the rest of the night. The girls’ moms could not believe the length that Marissa went to make sure their daughters were comfortable. Marissa did everything she could to make sure my bridal party, family, guests, and my husband and I were all comfortable. Also, the day went exactly as Marissa and I had planned, every detail down to the minute went as planned."

"Marissa was extremely professional; she had a good relationship with all my vendors. She was in contact with all my vendors prior to the wedding, and the day of the wedding she introduced herself to all the vendors. She had a great working relationship with all the vendors, and the maitre'd at the reception. Marissa is the master of wedding planning; she was able to take care of all situations the day of my wedding. I would assume that the job of the wedding planner is to make sure the day goes perfect for the bride and groom, and for me that is exactly what happened. I had a perfect day, my parents couldn't have been happier, and the same for my guests. I did not have one worry or concern the whole day, Marissa took care of everything, and it seemed to me that her biggest concern that day was that my husband and I have a perfect day, and we did. My mom already decided when the day comes that my sister is married, we would want to use Marissa again."

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